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50 kg bag packing machine
cement packing machine factory

50 Kg Bag Cement Packing Machine Factory with 3 Mouth

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port
Description:used for cement,gypsum powder,talcum powder,lime powder,zinc oxide,aluminum oxide powder,titanium dioxide,dry mortar,etc.

Features Applications:
This cement packing machine is suitable for 25-50kg cement bagging.
Cement Packing Machine Types:
As a cement packing machine factory, we produce different types of cement packing machines. Most of them are fixed type and rotary type. Fixed cement packing machine refers 1-4 mouth packing machine, the cement filling is completed by manually moving bag. Rotary cement packing machine refers to 6-8 mouth type, the packing machine rotates to complete cement filling without manual work.
Types of Cement Packing Machines
Working Processes:
Manually bag placing → Automatic filling → Automatic weighing → Automatic sealing → Finished

50 kg Bag Packing Machine Features:
☆ Stable operation, reduce the dynamic vibration and create good conditions for measuring and weighing.
☆ Reasonable structure, the central feeding of the machine is convenient for electrical circuits to be arranged outside the rotary silo, the circuits are not easy to overheat, easy to maintain.
☆ Automatic, basically realize automation, filling, metering, bag dropping, and other actions are completed by one machine, automatically and continuously.
☆ Clean and environment-friendly working environment.
☆ Easy maintenance, less vulnerable parts, no hydraulic, pneumatic components.
Technical Data
Model LG-3
Power 14.2kw
Capacity 45 t/h
Measuring Range 50±0.5 kg/bag
Qualification Rate 99/%
Dimension 1650*1500*1770
Weight 1000 kg



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