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Triangle Nylon Tea Bag Packing Machine
Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine for sale
Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine for sale

Triangle Nylon Tea Bag Packaging Machine | Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine For Sale

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:Applicable to: black tea, white tea, health tea, green tea, scented tea, coffee and other triangular packaging.

Features The triangle nylon tea bag packing machine is applicable to: black tea, white tea, herbal tea, health tea, eight treasures tea, green tea, scented tea, coffee, Chinese tea, health tea, traditional Chinese medicine tea, granules and other triangular packaging.
Features Of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine For Sale:
1. Cut off by ultrasonic sealing.
2. Packing capacity up to 55 bags/min.
3. The pyramid tea bag packing machine sale in our company can complete the measurement, filling, sealing, slitting, counting and other functions automatically.
4. The material of the triangular bag can be nylon,non-woven fabrics or other material.
5. Precise control system is adopted to adjust the operation of the whole machine, which is compact in structure, easy to operate, easy to adjust and easy to maintain. The bag length is driven by servo motor. The bag length is stable, accurate and easy to adjust.
6. According to customer needs to configure the string and label, the production line with the label of the tea bag.
Composition Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine:
1. Production quantity counter
2. The machine will stop automatically when each alarm is issued
3. Motor variable pressure control
4. Sliding volume overload protection device
5. Automatic tension control device for packaging materials
6. No packing material alarm
7. Ultrasonic load warning
8. Electrostatic eliminator
Triangle Tea Bag Packaging Machine for Sale
About Pyramid Tea Bag Pack Machine Price:
There are different models of triangle tea bag packing machine for sale, and different bag size and capacity with different models, so before we send you the machine quotation, we must know your final product size and how many grams do you want to pack in each bag? Then we will introduce you a suitable model.
FAQ About Triangle Nylon Tea Bag Packaging Machine:
1.How to install the machine for us?
--We will install before shipping,and we can instruct the installation by video, email or picture, and for large project, we can also arrange our technical workers to help you to install the machine in your country .
2.If we have problems when using the pyramid tea bag packing machine, what should we do?
--If you have any problem, just contact us, we will help you to solve it, and if necessary, we will  arrange our engineers to help you .
3.What about the shipping methods?
--For urgent order and light weight, you can choose express: FedEx, TNT, DHL or EMS; for heavy weight, you can choose by air or by sea to save cost.
4.What about the payment methods?
--We accept T/T, L/C for a big amount, and for small amount, you can pay by Western Union,.
5.How much does it cost to ship to my country?
--It depends on seasons. Shipping cost is different in different seasons. You can consult us all the time.

Triangle Nylon Tea Bag Packaging Machine Working Video:
Technical Data
Model LGLB-3
Capacity 35~55 bags/min
Measuring Method volume measurement
Packaging Weight 3±0.5 g/bag (can be customize)
Material Roll Inner Diameter Φ76mm
Dimension 1200*900*1800mm
Air source ≥0.6Mpa
Power 220/380v,1.2kw
Packaging Sharp Triangle and quadrangle
Packaging Material Nylon,non-woven fabrics ect
Material Width 140mm(can be customize to 160mm,180mm)
Material Roll Outer Diameter ≤Φ400mm
Weight 700kg



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