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Commercial Food Vacuum Packing Machine
Food Vacuum Packing Machine

Singapore Commercial Food Vacuum Packing Machine

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:This commercial food vacuum packing machine is suitable for food preservation

Features This commercial food vacuum packing machine is suitable for food preservation, for example: vegetable, onion, dry fruit and so on article seal packing machine, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, anti-discoloration.
Commercial Food Vacuum Packing Machine Features:
1. The machine is suitable for vacuum packaging of various plastic film bags, composite film bags and aluminum foil bags. Vacuum packaging of all kinds of meat products, pickles, seafood, grains and other solids, powders and semi-fluids. Achieve the effect of oxygen isolation preservation to extend the shelf life of the product and improve the product grade.
2. The commercial food vacuum packing machine is all stainless steel vacuum chamber with high strength transparent cover. Small size, suitable for packing small bags, computer board control, beautiful and convenient, simple operation, wide application, quick air extraction, easy to use.
3. In order to make the product free from impurities in the packaging process and easy cleaning of the machine, adopted 304 stainless steel plate specially used for international standard food, make the whole machine structure more stable, higher security and longer service life.
Commercial Food Vacuum Packing Machine
Commercial Food Vacuum Packing Machine Operation Process:
1. Select the right type to make sure the product is long, wide and high can put in the vacuum chamber.
2. Place the bag (be sure to use a vacuum or aluminum foil bag) in the vacuum chamber.
3. Turn on the power, set the pumping time, temperature shift and heat seal time.
4. Close the machine cover, start the machine, automatically complete the vent - heat - cooling - open.
5. Take out the finished product and complete the packaging.
Singapore Food Vacuum Packing Machine Optional features:
1. Vacuum chamber size can be customized.
2. Air filling function can be added.
3. Power supply 220/380v is optional
4. Mold can be added, and packaging can be formed in to brick type(rice packaging)
5. Computer and mechanical panels are optional.
This food vacuum packing machine has sold to Singapore, UK and other countries, if you also interested, please contact us for free.

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Technical Data
Model LG-600
Vacuum chamber volume 620X620X100mm
Vacuuming speed 40m3/hour
Single seal size L600 X W10MM
Power 1.5kw,220v, 50HZ
Weight 152kg
Dimension 760X690X106cm



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