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professional vacuum packing machine
fish vacuum packing machine

Professonal Fish Vacuum Packing Machine Suppliers

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:Rolling conveying, V-shaped sealing strip, saving time and effort, long service life

Features The fish vacuum packing machine is a professional rolling vacuum packing machine. It adopts chain drive, automatic lid swing, continuous output of products. The whole machine adopts PLC computer control, computer touch screen operation, and the operating system is fully sealed and can be washed with water.
How Does the Machine Work?

The fish vacuum packaging machine has only one vacuum chamber, but as a vacuum packing machine supplier, we can customize the chamber size according to your product size, the heat sealing strip can reach 1000mm, can put dozens of fish into vacuum and heat seal at the same time. The sealing device adopts water-cooling treatment, even if the equipment is continuously working, it is protected by a water circulation system, so that the heating strip is in a constant temperature state, and the sealing is more smooth and firm when packaging the product.
Professional Vacuum Packing Machine Features:
 It adopts chain drive, automatic lid swing, and conveyor belt connection to continue packaging, which improves efficiency and saves a lot of time and manpower.
The fish vacuum packing machine uses pneumatic components to drive the conveyor belt and vacuum chamber, and replaces the traditional motor with a cylinder. The positioning is driven by gears and racks, with high accuracy, stable lifting and accurate positioning of the rolling belt. The worker does not need to manually adjust the position of the conveyor belt, which saves time and effort. Because pneumatics replace motors, pneumatic components drive more stable operation, with low failure rate and long service life. The machine can be tilted at four angles to meet different product packaging requirements.
V-shaped sealing strips made of high-density materials are used in the vacuum chamber to ensure airtightness, pressure resistance and wear resistance of the materials, and extend the service life of the sealing strips.
The vacuum, bag pressing, sealing, cooling and waiting time of the machine can be adjusted; the angle of the working room can be adjusted in the range of 0~30 degrees as required, more professional. 
vacuum packing machine supplier
Technical Data
Model LGDZ-1000
Sealing Size 1000*10/2mm
Dimension 1690*1700*1500mm
Weight 600kg
Pump 100L/S



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