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Automatic Cement Packing Machine
Rotary Cement Packing Machine

Automatic Eight Spouts Rotary Cement Filling Machine

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Shanghai/ Qingdao Port
Description:Suitable for extenders,calcium carbonate,sodium sulfate,kaolin,mica,carbon black and other powder packaging.

Features The automatic rotary cement packing machine suitable for extenders, calcium carbonate, sodium sulfate, kaolin, mica, barium sulfate, light quality calcium,silica, carbon black and other mineral powder packaging.
Cement Packing Machine Video:

Rotary Cement Packing Machine Features:
1. High degree of automation, use inductive switch, opening, filling, metering, drop bags are automatically completed.
2. High measurement precision, computer use fast and slow control mode, measurement accuracy greatly improved.
3. Use unique cement outflow mode, exhaust the air in the bag and reduce dust pollution.
4. Valve port automatic cement packing machine is new cement packaging equipment, using human-machine control technology, parameter modification convenient, data recording, storage.
Rotary Cement Packing Machine

Rotary cement packing machine adopts the main transmission system of frequency control and the rotary structure of eccentric feeding. It is equipped with proximity switch without contact point, mechatronics automatic control and microcomputer automatic metering device. In the process of operation, except for manual bagging, other actions are automatically and continuously completed by the rotary cement packing machine. Moreover, it has the unique functions of not filling the bag if there is no bag, not removing the bag when the bag weight don’t reaches the set value, and closing the gate immediately after the bag falls off. Compared with similar products, this product has the advantages of reasonable structure, accurate measurement, low energy consumption, large packaging capacity and convenient maintenance.
The big bag cement packing machine is measured by microcomputer scale, microcomputer scale is designed by our technical staff for rotary cement packaging machine structure and cement material filling characteristics, carefully designed and developed microcomputer control system with high measurement accuracy and good stability, strong adaptability in cement plant. Microcomputer control can also be applied to the whole working cycle.
Technical Data
LG-8 Cement Packing Machine Output:80-120Ton/h                                         
Name Unit Quantity Specification
LG-8 Rotary Cement Packing Machine Set 1 8 filling mouths
Vibration Screen Set 1 120T
Pneumatic Valve Set 1 300
Spiral Gate Piece 1 400*400
Rigid Impeller Feeder Set 1 400*400
Bags Picking Machine Set 1 800*2500
Bags Collating Unit Set 1  
Bags Clearance Unit Set 1  
Electric Cabinet Piece 10  



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