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Dip tea bag packing machine
Dip tea bag packing machine manufacturer

Fully Automatic Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine Manufacturer

Moq:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability: 200 sets/ month
Loading Port: Qingdao/Shanghai Port
Description:Apply to tea, tea powder,broken tea, coffee, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

Features This fully automatic dip tea bag packing machine is a fully automatic, high-speed tea packaging machine, which can be used for packaging herbal tea, green tea, black tea and other types of tea.
The dip tea bag packing machine is mainly composed of three systems: precision mechanical transmission system, automatic control system and pneumatic transmission system.
1. The main controller is a PLC touch screen control converter, the film-drawing part and the horizontal sealing part adopt servo motors for higher precision. The photoelectric positioning mode is adopted to meet the needs of precise positioning. The color touch screen is humanized design, the operation interface is clear, and the parameter setting is simple.
2. The mechanism transmission system is mainly composed of feeding, forming, horizontal sealing and vertical sealing. The machine adopts a combination of mechanical transmission and electricity, which is simple and convenient to install and debug, stable in operation, firm in sealing, and beautiful in shape of the bag. It can complete bag making and filling, sealing, counting, etc.
 Dip tea bag packing machine samples

Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine Features:
1. The use of stable cam mechanical transmission technology, so that equipment running stably, low failure rate, low energy consumption. At the same time, the use of high-end circuit structure, to achieve Tea Bag Packing Machine With String And Tagmechanical and electrical integration.
2. Packaging machine Implementation of self automatic detection, information feedback and other functions.
3. To save packaging materials and raw materials to ensure that the packaging site environment and raw materials pollution.
4. The packaging machine can be automatically added line labeling.
5. The outer bag device can be added according to customer needs.

Dip Tea Bag Packing Machine Service:
As a professional manufacturer, we have a complete after-sales service system to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
1. This machine has a one-year warranty and lifetime tracking service. Read the instruction manual before using this equipment to avoid unnecessary trouble during use.
2. During the warranty period, if the quality problem is caused by the unreasonable design of the machine, we will arrange personnel to help you solve it. If the machine fails due to improper operation, we will charge a repair fee.
Technical Data
Model LGD-11
Application Tea/Herbal/Coffee etc
Measuring Method Volume Measurement
Measuring Range 3-10ml(1.5-5g fragmentary tea)
Bag Size Length 60-75mm,Width 55-70mm
Label Size Width 28mm*Length 23-28mm
Capacity 30-60bag/min
Dimension 900*950*1800mm
Voltage/Power 220V 50HZ 1.6KW
Weight 400kg



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